Things are heating up in this world!  Why?  There is a power struggle unfolding and it is God’s purpose to complete His plans for this world through the Great King, Jesus Christ!  The transition from this present unstable world to God’s coming Kingdom on earth consists of a seven-year tribulation period.  And that transition will not be pretty.

On the one hand, prophecies of the Bible foretell the events and chronology of this epic seven-year tribulation period.  On the other hand, the realities of this present world must be analyzed to determine whether they conform to the structures of prophecy.  When ‘the news’ aligns with prophecy, we should take note.  The questions below explore whether the present realities conform to the prophecy.

  •  Is the US in prophecy?
  • Will the UN lead the world?
  • What will be the religion of the coming false-Christ?
  • Will Iran use nukes against Israel?
  • Will the Islamic menace grow?

While these questions have a sensational appeal, they are nonetheless important questions within the study of Bible prophecy.

Revelation 1:3 outlines the importance of prophecy and it is essential that all believers, everywhere, in all languages (and translations), and in all denominations pay attention.  But first, are you ready for eternity?  Do you have the assurance of salvation?

This website serves to provide access to teaching and insights about prophecy.  Insight for Endtimes follows the futuristic and pre-millenial perspective of prophecy with the rapture of believers of Jesus Christ.   This website also provides a blog on current events which point to developing trends towards the fulfillment of prophecy.  (See doctrinal stance.)

Attention: Pastors, Ministers, Church leaders

To assist you and your fellowship, Bible teacher and author Jim Hanson is available  for presentations and seminars on a variety of prophetic topics.  If interested, contact jim@prophecymap.com.  God Bless you in your search for the truths of Scripture.